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Living with HIV: 5 Things Women Should Know

Take Your Medications as Directed

Take Your Medications as Directed

Taking all of your HIV medicines as your doctor prescribes is a must. These meds can lengthen your life, delay the onset of AIDS and lower your risk of complications.

It's important that you take all of your medications every day. Skipping a dose or only taking a portion of your drugs can lead to drug resistance. When resistance occurs, all of your medicine stops working and are no longer effective against HIV.

If you have bothersome side effects, let your doctor know. He or she may be able to tweak you meds and offer suggestions to ease discomforts.



By Jenilee Matz, MPH. Published August xx, 2013. Jen is a freelance health and fitness writer with a passion for running. In previous roles, Jen was a staff writer for The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and