Roger Gould, M.D.  

Specialties: Mental Health, Wellness, emotional eating

M.D., Northwestern UniversityGraduate, 1954 - 1959
Medical Training
UCLA - Internship - 1959 - 1960
UCLA - Residency - 1960 - 1965
Board Certification
1965: Psychiatry
Patient Education Materials and Publications
Author of the new, popular book, Shrink Yourself

Creator of Free Yourself From Emotional Eating Online Program

Author of the best-selling book, Transformations: Growth and Change in Adult Life

Co-authored, Passages More than 18 published articles and chapters in professional journals and books.

Dr. Gould’s work has been covered in Time magazine, The New York Times, and Psychology Today as well as national television shows.

In the early 80's Dr. Gould began exploring the role that computers and the internet could play in psychotherapy, and was acknowledged by the Smithsonian for his efforts in the field.

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