Thomas Dock, CVJ, Vet. Technician  
Male, 56
Indianapolis, IN

Interests: animals, Reading (sci-fi and fantasy)
BS, Genetic Biology, Purdue UniversityUndergraduate, 1983 - 1988
Veterinary News Network (www.MyVNN.com)
American Society of Veterinary Journalists (www.ASVJ.org)
About the Expert
You could call me an animal loving nerd! I have spent the last 20 years being involved with and working with animals every day. I am a veterinary technician, have spent many years working with rescues and shelters, and even dabbled in breeding Siamese cats and Shaded Silver Persian cats. I love to read, especially if it is science related or is a fantasy type of novel. Science is a strong passion of mine and I find that I spend a good portion of everyday just reading articles about genetics, immunology, evolution, endangered species, and advances in human and veterinary medicine.
Honors & Awards
2006-2009: Reporter for Western Veterinary Conference TV Journal
2009- Veterinary News Network Reporter of the Year Member, Board of Certification, American Society of Veterinary Journalists Certified Veterinary Journalist
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