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vcfs..22q11.2..is a genetic syndrome which in itself is rare but with so many many further complications...these include,developemental delay,cardiac problems,learning difficulties,bowel conditions,muscle problems,ear nose and throat..sleep problems.breathing difficulties,..unfortunately..the list is endless..but awareness is priority..
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22q11.2 is actually unbelievably more common than initially thought by doctors.. my daughter has a rare syndrome.GOLDBERG AND SHPRINTZEN ...
hi all,if you have heard of 22q11.2 or vcfs genetic syndrome or have any related problems please post...awareness is crucial
to all parents...please if you have heard this..support this group..
22q11.2 is so much more common than first thought...granted medical conditions may not be the same..but will be related..i hope to find p...
hi,is there anybody experiencing this genetic problem? it is so much more common than you think!
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