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This is a patient support community for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and support.
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Hi, i have got myself into a real mess, the Adderall i am taking, which is 20 mgs a day, but i've got myself up to taking 200 mgs a day o...
I tried counseling with her. She says she will stop. Then she say she cant stop playing with her poop.
Hi all, today I obtained a new script for 20mg of Vyvanse (a switch from Adderall XR). I got it filled at CVS, and having read accounts o...
I and my husband are together for more than 18 years now. Even if he has ADHD, he still manages to keep his job for a long period of time...
Pharmacy filled 20 out of 30 today, but says they don't know when they will get more in. They said it's on backorder.
Ok so i have been on adderal since ive been like 14.. im not 19 and the switche me to vyvant (vivant) how long will it be and how much we...
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