You have gone threw withdrawl and you are off ALL of drugs now.Here comes that hard part staying clean .Long term recovery is hard and takes continous work and support .Learning and dealing with PAWS. Learning what trigger set us off .This is all sort of thing we will dicuss in the group . Avis
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Hi everyone...Well I was on my Way or at least I thought I was??to all that do not know me-- I have been in a methadone treatment facil...
There are six stages that addicts must undergo for long-term recovery: Transition – The period of time needed for the addict to re...
when you guys were on day 3 did everything seem cloudy,empty, just here to exist? vision off,balance off, when does it return? weve slept...
I think it would be a great idea to make a list of what diffrent people do when a craving hits to get threw it .We will all have some thi...
I'm writing this out of...shame. Out of despair. Out of anger towards myself for not taking care of my body. I'm a marathon runner who...
I thought it would be interesting to see your first post on Medhelp. You can find it in the watch list on the left of your home page. It ...
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