You have gone threw withdrawl and you are off ALL of drugs now.Here comes that hard part staying clean .Long term recovery is hard and takes continous work and support .Learning and dealing with PAWS. Learning what trigger set us off .This is all sort of thing we will dicuss in the group . Avis
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I am starting my 46(h day clean today. Each day has been a miracle. I go to lots & lots of meetings. I sit & I listen. Every once in a gr...
I have been in a bad dark anxious place and two weeks ago picked up again after 90 days clean. Today I decided to cut back to 60mg of cod...
I like to post polls sometimes..they usualy get moved off the addiction forum and sent to the Social forum.....but dont think that will h...
Ok so I've made it to my first 30 days without any pills. I did it with the help of this forum, going to NA meetings on a regular basis &...
Just wondering if others noticed the drop off in postings on this group's site. What do you think is going on?
150 Days clean and feeling good about myself
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