You have gone threw withdrawl and you are off ALL of drugs now.Here comes that hard part staying clean .Long term recovery is hard and takes continous work and support .Learning and dealing with PAWS. Learning what trigger set us off .This is all sort of thing we will dicuss in the group . Avis
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Thought that title might catch your eye!! This forum has been pretty quiet lately so lets get this back and going again. What are some ...
I think it would be a great idea if we all write a list of all the negatives when we were useing Then a list of all of the positives ...
I was having so many bad days so Avis gave me some tough love and asked me to write all the negatives down and i did after i started to w...
With the holidays the recovery forum got very slow but its time to get it going full forse....So lets get back to posting
hello everyone im preparing myself as on monday im going to withdrawal myself from codeine and i wondered if anyone could tell me the bes...
i have been on loritabs for about two years now and i am tired of depending on this substance every day! it is starting to effect my lif...
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