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My lips have been sticky for about 2 months. It gets worse everyday! I drink water, I apply Vaseline to my lips. I have done everything m...
I have had persistent but fairly mild acne since I was 18 (almost 11 years now). Last year I gave in and went onto accutane for 8 months ...
Teens and acne go together, it seems. I've noticed that this is getting worse for my son. I have gotten him oxy wipes, pimple cream tha...
Hi, I am 22 years old and have had recurring acne since my early teenage years. Last year I started to develop small scars, specially bel...
my son began taking generic accutane at age 15yrs, 9mos. within weeks of beginning treatment, his hair, which is naturally thick and onl...
Hello, I have these spots on my butt for some years, never went away. I used antibiotics, acids, hydrocortisone, any sort of lotion but n...
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