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I hope this is the right group for me. I am addicted to Pain killers and using them through iv.Tomorrow I am beginning to recapture, take...
Good day, finally I found a forum where I can just express the way I am feeling. I am not sure of whether I should call myself an addict ...
I have taken cocaine recreationally for 2 years (maybe a little longer) every weekend with a couple of 1 or 2 week breaks during that two...
I have been an addict now for 35 years. I am on methodone, I was on heroin and morphine prior to going on methodone I am slowley coming o...
I'm Vince go to my profile and if you want to discuss Addiction & Recovery, they are different, get in touch. Best of everything on "The...
is anyone in here on methadone?
I am very happy to see a support group for these kind of problems and "real" solutions... I have been struggling with severe degenerative...
please have a safe holiday everyone and guard your sobriety !
this group is about step #3 I turn my will & my life over to the care of the Lord : i say this pray every night :)
came to believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity
i admit i am powerless to alcohol, iam addicted to drugs How does step one go?
I pray to God for the strength and the willingness to give up these pills, narcotics, give my will back to my Savior and His Will to be d...
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