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I'm currently on suboxone and have been since September 10, 2012. I started at 24 mg per day and am down to 8 mg. I don't take it every ...
An interesting article by a German Professor of Medicine about some peculiarities of female alcoholism. Politics and Female Alcoh...
I would like to taper off 2 mg lorazepam per day and 4 fiorecet per day simultaneously at home. Can anyone suggest a good plan to do this?
I am seeking help for my father, who has been addicted to alcohol and drugs like 1 year now. After my mom passed away, he is all alone an...
I cant even count how many times ive been through withdrawal and never made it past day 3. Ive made a commitment this time im gonna do it...
I have been taking morphine based drugs for 10 years due to chronic back issues, decided to stop taking as side effects got too much (eff...
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