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I'm addicted to heroin and Xanax. Does anyone know of any detox/rehabs that care, support. Give you the most comfortable detox possible? ...
I've been on opiates for 9 years. I took OxyContin and percocets. I was taking 30-35 pills a day. Obviously abusing them. I got tired of ...
Hello every one.. I've been on opioids for 11 years and today im aint 27days clean. Im a mom of 8 wonderful kids. So addict took me by s...
hi everyone i am at the last of my patience I have an 18 yr old daughter who states only smokes marijuana after being caught last year wi...
I have a son who went thru detox and withdrawals from pain meds - he has been "clean" for 3 months and this week the same symptoms came b...
I am usually in the pain mngt. group, but you people here may know more about withdrawal symptoms. I have been reducing my prescribed pai...
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