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I'm new to sobriety. I roughed out the physical withdrawal, just went cold turkey. But now my conscience has returned with a vengeance. I...
Ive never done drugs like that... Ive smoked weed a few times. But never any hard drugs. I got him clean once and then there was serious ...
My 52 year old husband of 25 years has always had addiction problems - alcohol, marijuana, and crystal meth. Over the years he has stopp...
Does anyone know of a good online support forum for spouses of Addicts, preferably prescription pill addicts. I want to talk to others w...
My husband is hiding and using m. amphet salts (Adderall I believe) recreationally (I believe to help him at work) and with alcohol (I be...
I have weened down to .5mg of methadone from 150mg three days ago so far its hard to sleep and having angxiety has anyone else gone thru ...
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