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This patient support community is for family members and loved ones of people who abuse or are addicted to substances. Discussions include enabling, coping, intervention, and support.

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I'm on 210mg of methadone. My husband is on suboxine. I felt fine all day. Around 11:30 pm he put a suboxine in his mouth and gave me ora...
My husband is an addict. He has been an addict on and off (mostly on) from the time he was 15 till the time he was 44. You name the addic...
My husband has shown symptoms for years. Before we were married he casually mentioned he was in a substance abuse program, because of hi...
My spouse is currently in rehab (he went willingly) for an off and on opiate addiction that he's struggled with over the last few years. ...
It is said that what one doesn't know, will not hurt them. There is so much truth to that. At 10:00am on 8-5-18 I found drug paphanelia i...
My husband of only 4 years has a meth addiction. We got in a fight and he disappeared.for 9 days, with no word from him. He came home tol...
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