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i am reducing from 85 mls of methadone to 0,i am on 65 mls at moment would like to hear from anybody who has got clean to motivate me wit...
Happy anniversary to dominosarah and gnarly_1, your Community Leaders for 2 years this month! Please thank them for all they do for MedHe...
i am nearly blind now if anyone wants to pick up where I left off with the pool I would love to keep participating at least in memory of ...
I run a small business and one of my employees sometimes comes to work smelling like burning rubber. I'm pretty sure that he smokes marij...
Hey! I went on a road trip and my dad gave me 20mg of OxyContin because my back went out right before we left and I couldn't imagine spen...
I am just curious, I never ever use pills but on Friday around 6pm my boyfriend gave me half of 5mg oxycodone and I snorted it with him b...
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