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I have a son he’s 19 years old I can’t pinpoint what drug he’s using but his life has completely changed he has no interest in anything h...
Good morning all; This is my first post although as a pill addict trying each morning to get clean, lol, I read here often. I have tried...
Hi I have been on suboxone off and on for 5 years full time for 3 years I am still on teo 8 mg strips a day when I started I was on 4 str...
I was on methadone for about 12 years and although I never went above 65mgs I took a very long time to taper down. I didn't just walk off...
Day 12 off Methadone here. My Dr. prescribed me Cymbalta to help with the deppression and anxiety which I have suffered with for the last...
I have been taking sleeping pills(Diphenhydramine) I would like to get off of those sleeping pills, I tried once already and I had some w...
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