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I have been dating a 32 year old man, for almost 11 months. For the first three months things were great, we had a great time and our sex...
Im new here and I really hope someone can give me some advice. I come from a very close christian family so all of this that I am about t...
I have become addicted badly to wellbutrin sr and I want to stop and cant. Has anyone else been through this too?
Hey, folks... The holidays past. I drank New Years Eve, so I had a slip, but otherwise have not slipped on that. I've got somewhere li...
Can you quit suboxone cold turkey while pregnant? Anyone done this? I am 7 months pregnant and on 16mg sometimes less. Thanks
My husband has been addicted to suboxone for 3 years. Taking 16 mg/day. This drug-totally changed him and turned him into an emotionless ...
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