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I posted almost a year ago in desperation to get off of Fioricet. I was finding it impossible to taper. I updated the original post, but ...
Hello everyone. I have been taking Fioricet for a few years but I was able to control it/take it sparingly. For the past year (gosh, ...
I’m coming upon 48 hours opiate free . First time in a few years . I’m a bartender in a tourist town, native to the area. And can get ah...
Hello all. What kind of kratom would i need and how much to kick a 1mg Suboxone habit a day? I see that they have all types of Kratom an...
In this trip with my husband, I have learned so much about addiction, the first thing to do to help a relative is to find out why he does...
i just found out my wife is on heroin for the past year.she is shooting it..before that she was taking percocets for about 2 years...she ...
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