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I was taking Tylenol extra strength for about 5-6 months and Ibuprofen before that, taking about 8-10 (or more) caps a day. At the time i...
Here I am again, my husband has 18 days clean of suboxone, he says he feels much better, but still the energy is not there, how long will...
why did i test dirty for meth when i have been clean for weeks now and had clean drug screens and havent used or been around any drugs fo...
I have been taking fioricet for a year and a half and started at 1 pill a day and went to max of 6 a day. I have recently dropped down to...
my husband went to the cold turkey 3mg of suboxone, he is already a week old, he does not have strong symptoms, but anxiety comes a lot, ...
I want/need to lower my tolerance to norco as fast as possible. I am wondering how long does it take to lower tolerance if a person were ...
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