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This is a patient community for substance abuse and addiction. Discussions include identifying addiction, addictive behaviors, withdrawal, recovery and treatment/aftercare, and support.

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Does anyone have some suggestions on how to get someone into rehab without failure and total rebellion. And in a state where there are v...
I have been on 60mg of oxycodone for about 5 years when I crushed my L4 vertebrae. I have just recently been diagnosed with an unknown se...
Been on methdaone since 2000 but on 5 mgs last 2 years. I cannot afford the clinic fees anymore so need to get off methadone now. My last...
The people on this forum helped me a lot as I started my voyage ten years ago and I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you. To anyon...
I recently had surgery and Im trying to stay away from opiates. So Ive been prescribed tramadol 100mgs twice a day along with taking 500m...
I really need some support I have been 5days clean from opioids and need some to talk to Denise
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