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I had a heavy prescription pain killer addiction following a bad car accident at 16 (300+mgs, 4 years or so oxys/percs/hydros/w.e), got p...
I've been doing blow every day for almost a year and im 100lbs 5', lately after a line my chest hurts and I feel fainty. Could there be i...
I have been off cocaine for about 6 months, However I did have 2 slips during that time. I think about doing coke everyday, I still want ...
Are methadone clinics the only avenue for this type of treatment? Are there private doctors who offer treatment plans? I need one step ...
my husband is taking 12 mg a day of suboxone, correctly as the doctor says, is trying to get down to 8 mg, when he tries, he gets very si...
I'm on 8th day going cold turkey of 40 mg methadone. I feel worse than ever today. How long does this last?
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