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Need help with Addiction? need help understanding Addiction?? Please join our group! Youve come to the right place!! We will do our very best to help you! All Addicts And Non Addicts Welcomed!!
Hi Fellow Members, Welcome to Addiction Forum! We are so glad that you decided to become a part of our growing group! Feel free to...
Hows your day going!?!
Welcome All to the forum!! Jump right on in and feel at home!
Are you in Recovery? Heres the thread to brag away on!
Are you currently active in addiction?
First let me say thanks for being here!!! Thanks for the invite lostsoul. Ok, I never thought I had a problem with drugs until I did. If ...
my question is quite a strange,1 my neice who is just 17,is coming off heroin,her mother has given up on her.im a single parent,with a 4 ...
On a scale from 1 -10 1 being the least amount of pain 10 being the worste! Whats your number?
Im trying to tamper down on my methadone, i have such a strong earge to take another pill,,, how can i over come this earge without loosi...
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