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This is a patient support forum for Addison’s disease (also known as Primal Adrenal Insufficiency or Hypocortisolism). Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and support.
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Hi. Addison 3 years. After a lengthy stay in hospital following a crisis I am now getting respite care for mobility and muscle wastage. I...
Can someone please help me am very scared , and tensed .. From last 8 months am not feeling good in janvary , suddenly i felt extremly hu...
I have several dark spots since my Addison's Dx.. One is kind'a cute, looks like a dark Jack-o-lantern, complete with milky white eyes, ...
I have had severe fatigue issues for years, low blood pressure, tachycardia, and stomach problems. I struggle to get to sleep, and then i...
I just had my ACTH Stim test. Results were: Cortisol Baseline: = 8.67 Costisol at 30 min = 15.1 Cortisol at 60 min = 18.6 Have to...
I have low blood pressure and prescribed this medication
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