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Hello Everyone After many years of suffering Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks ive now become fearful of using public transport..i feel ...
I was recently diagnosed with Panic disorder and Agrophobia. I've been living and struggling through this since I was a teenanger. I have...
I was recently prescribed 20mg once a day of Citalopram for anxiety. My doctor warned me that I may feel "a little nauseous" for the firs...
Hi, I'm a 29 nearly 30 year old female & i have been suffering with social anxiety for most of my life. This has now turned into a panic ...
my name is DJ. About 4 years ago i had a horrible experience with a drug.. since that moment my life has been turned upside down.. I am c...
Hi all,i have had this for 13years now,finding it very hard too find support even though i ave seeked for help at my lowest life line was...
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