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This Thanksgiving, let's be thankful that we have health, although not very apparent at times, but we have it nevertheless and hope. We h...
i have agoraphobia for over ten years now,its got worse as my youngest is at school now and i have to leave the house to collect him has ...
Hi I'm a 20 year old make I'm pretty healthy and I'm athletically built. Since september I have been having trouble with anxiety and pani...
i have been under extreme stress and anxiety for the past 7 months. taking xanax 1 mg per day on and off for this period. i am taking Klo...
Does anyone's Pdoc have an explanation for this Disorder? My psychiatrist feels I don't actually have a bad case. It's that if I force ...
hello everyone im Adriana and i am 16 years old ,years ago i was diagnosed with PTSD years ago and i have been going through different st...
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