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I fear I may have cirrhosis. I've been binge drinking for about the last decade. I took periods of time off. During most of this time I h...
I had a relapse just recently after making so much progress. I’ve made an appointment to see a psychologist. I lost a parent a year ago...
i would like to quit drinking alcohol.I become irresponsible and spend money unnecesariliy.I have crushed my two cars in a space of two a...
My husband is a good father and provider however he is an alcoholic. His father was an alcoholic. He works in construction and works very...
Can drinking on a daily basis effect your stomach for example diarrhea and gurgling stomach?
I am 20 years old. I drink with my friends socially about once every two weeks. Last week I got really drunk (which I regret). I had arou...
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