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This patient community is for the abuse of and/or addiction to alcohol. Discussions include alcoholism, identifying addiction, withdrawal, treatment, and support.

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Hope everyone has a safe and peaceful holiday season.Holidays can be stressful times,but removing oneself from stressful situations is wi...
I am wondering what are the tests used to see if a person with cirrhosis is still consuming alcohol? Thanks!
A sibling of mine is an alcoholic. Over the last two years they have had three separate seizures from low electrolytes and potassium. Two...
Hey guys.. I have been having a very bad reaction to alcohol all day. I am a weekend drinking, not always binge drinking, but yesterday ...
I'm a 46 yr. old alcoholic. This past month my drinking has gotten progressively worse. This past week, I threw up blood twice. On both o...
i would like to know why i have very bad shaking fits while drinking alcohol i have been a big drinker for many years,i used to drink lar...
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