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A group to chat about any TV shows and/or Movies.
I was bored last weekend and hit on a show on PBS called Call the Midwife. Very female oriented in terms of lots of 'birth stuff' but re...
Anyone seen this? I first heard of it about a week ago and now everyone is telling me it is awesome. PBS English drama. Much more than...
Has anyone seen "The Turtleman"? I find the show somewhat interesting.... I must be near the end.
Has anyone watched that new A&E series, Panic 911? It gets my blood racing!! It has been airing on Thursday evenings at 10 pm.
Hi I'm new to this site and was wondering if there was anyone out there that loves SPN as much as I do?
Now, this is one I just don't get. What is interesting about this woman? She's like the Kardashians to me. I know she once had a music...
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