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Hello everyone! Not sure if this the right group or not. What does it mean to have a small abnormality? This came back on a EKG.
Hello everybody! My name is Andy, I am male 36 years old. Let me give you little bit of my medical history that concerns me: - Sin...
I'm currently on Suboxone 8mg daily, my doctor just gave me metoprolol succ. 25mg. I've been tachycardic ranging from 110-150 so she want...
A patient developed kidney infection and high blood pressure. The kidney infection was diagnosed and treated through IV, the high blood ...
I recently had a mid-level heart attack, am being treated with medication only, but experience chest pressure whenever I walk any distanc...
Quit smoking 14th of June, 2017 after feeling dizzy, almost falling until I rested for a while. Had been smoking weed since 2009. Drinkin...
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