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This forum is for general pet health questions, such as questions about medications, parasites, vaccines, infectious diseases, breed specific and genetic problems.
I'm not sure if this is anything serious or not, but one of my cat's eyes has been a weird color since yesterday morning. It doesnt lo...
Just two days ago, my hyperactive minischnauzer transformed into this strange dog I don't know (and seems like she doesn't know me---our ...
Hi, I have a 3 year old female pug and 2x in the last few days, I take her outside to go to the bathroom and she will urinate as normal ...
I have a 16 week old boxer who has been diagnosed with renal failure (most likely congenital). He is now on the Science Hill R/D diet (1 ...
My dog is a year and three months ols and started her first heat r days ago, yesterday she seemed a little sluggish so i gave her a vitam...
My blue-brendal Pit has had a rash under his armpits for a while now. I've got it to get better at time, but it's flared up terribly agai...
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