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This forum is for general pet health questions, such as questions about medications, parasites, vaccines, infectious diseases, breed specific and genetic problems.
On July 7, 2012 I took my fur baby to the vet for his annual shots. He was in perfect health. Four days later he began to scratch & lic...
Two year history of well-managed pancreatitis (fPLI >50) with very few ( very short-lived) periods of inappetence. In fact, very atypical...
We adopted Charlie on 10/30/11. He's a Boston terrier, at least 8 years old but we don't know exactly how old for sure. The rescue group ...
My dog has surgery on September 11th to remove a mast cell tumor from his inner back leg. By Sept. 14th the sutures had tore out. Now, ...
My 8 year old Labrador started feeling sluggish a few months ago. Our vet discovered a mass in her abdomen in the general area of her sp...
I noted that the dog back legs appear stiff when walking. The dog do not appear to be in any pain. She is 3 lbs and she is one year old. ...
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