Animal Lovers Group Group

This is a group for anyone who has a strong love of animals. Members of this group may chat about daily happenings related to animals, pets, etc.
All these posts are old is this group still open??
My cocker spaniel, Lady, Had surgery on Thrusday, July 17, 2014 I have been able to bring her home, they are doing biopsies on the mass t...
Dear friends! I want to ask you about the name of your pet. I think, it's wery interesting team. So, my question is: how are you call you...
My Tweety is crazy to eat treats all day long, she sits by the cupboard and looks at me, I do say no at times ...do they put stuff in the...
I've only had dogs and Fish. Dogs: my dog in high school, Rosilita Carmilita(Rosie) -dachshund my older sister and her friend gave her...
Hi everyone! Anyone own a ragdoll or more than one ragdoll? Any one noticed how they have huge bellies since they're babies, even though ...
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