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i eat my own dried skin, dried blood, scabs, etc. is this a serious issue?? should i be concerned??
Where does this fall in eating disorders? I do this all the time. I know it is gross, but is it dangerous in any way? I have read that st...
I'm 14 years of age going on 15, I have been anorexic and bulimic for the past 2 months , I'm so scared I don't know how to stop, my Pare...
I'm a 27-year-old female and I "recovered" from severe anorexia after in-patient treatment in 2005. I'm 5'3" tall and weighed in the low ...
if i chew my food then spit it back out will i still gain weight alough am not actually swallowing ?
I've always ate alot more than most girls. but during the past few months or so if i don't eat every couple hours i get sick with hunger ...
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