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I have started to drink Herbalife shakes (proteien diet) twice a day. I feel dizzy and depressed a lot. Is it Herbalife or could there ...
I posted in the hiv and std forum and I’m finding this really hard to move on: it’s not guilt. I was told low risk of hiv and after finis...
I have battling depression & anxiety for many years. I battle majority with health anxiety. I only take Xanax 0.25 as neede which isn’...
First whan I met him I eat normally but after some time I start to loose my spirits and fear of eat with him.
Hello! Good day to you. It’s currently night time here as I live in the Eastern side of the world and well, my anxiety have been keeping ...
Hello, any recommendations on over the counter supplements or vitamins to naturally help with anxiety and or insomnia?
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