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My GP prescribed me propranolol for anxiety symptoms to take for a specific situation at work. I took them occasionally for a few years w...
I just had one of the worst anxiety/panic attacks driving today. Was trying to drive north to see my boyfriend not even three hours away...
The last 2 years if my life has been pretty stressful. I lost custody of my oldest daughter. The grief I experience from that is immense ...
For about the past month or so I’ve been experiencing this feeling like I’m in a dream or a simulation and I get scared and worried and d...
My doctor swiched me from Paxil to Bupropion Sr. last week and He said that thier was no need to ween myself off of the Paxil. So I start...
I am in my 30's and never fully been on my OWN. I feel so sad and low. I have very low self esteem/confidence. Went through two hellish d...
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