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I have a damaged rib which moves when I twist or bend. I also seem to get anxiety when I do exercise that moves and twists my torso. Is i...
I started exercising more and trying to stay focused on the good things while changing my diet using the glycemic index. It seems my anx...
Hello, I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety/clinical depression. I get headaches here and there/dizziness/heart palpitations/ heavy ...
Hey, I’m a 32 year old female (I get told I’m too young to worry about heart problems) I’ve been having this weird pressure/heaviness dis...
My friend, in his early 30s, has no insurance and no job and part of what's holding him back is that he has an issue where sometimes unex...
Hello, I have very severe OCD and anxiety and worried that cat scratch me . when going to the trashbin to throw garbage generally there a...
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