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Sorry for starting a new post again (had no reactions on the other one). 10 days ago I had an non risky exposure (at least that's what...
Im a 30 year old male and over the last few years ive become over aware of my heart beating, i feel it beating all day every day. I don't...
Hi, My step son is coming to stay at my house, I have in the past found him masterbating. He was spoken to about this and was told th...
My psychiatrist just prescribed propranolol for me. I've already been taking Klonopin, but its effects are starting to lessen as my body ...
My sertraline tablets recently stopped working so well and the GP switched me straight on to fluoxetine. It was a complete nightmare, wit...
So igot anxiety problems and overthinking like you can see from my previous posts too. And i want to treat it. Whats the best way to get ...
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