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i need help, i’ve posted in hiv forums. my situation was with a sex worker about 8 weeks ago, i used protection that she provided. fast f...
I have really bad anxiety and panic attacks I’ve been taking .5 Xanax twice daily for the past couple months then I got a new psychiatris...
I recently saw a holistic doc for my anxiety because it has been out of control for over a year despite various meds and CBT. She ran so...
I am on several medications for Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety and every day I feel intense physical pain. Could it be my medications? I do...
Hello everyone. For the past 4 months I’ve had what I can only describe as dizziness. Most of the time my head feels spaced out and as if...
Hi 2017 I take propranolol 20 twice daily for two weeks then 10 twice until now but some times bp drop from 120/80 to 100/60 with dizzin...
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