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Recently I’ll be listening to someone or be doing and activity and I’ll start to think. Am I really here right now? I feel high but I’m c...
I have been dealing with anxiety for a while now I am 16 years old and this mainly started when i was in 7th grade (12 or 13) where i am ...
I realize this may sound strange but I was wondering if any of you have a "pill cutter" at home or do you just cut your pill in half with...
It all started when I was proscribed Flagyl, commonly known as Metronidazole, for a stomach parasite in late August. I was told to take 5...
I discovered that my red dot like rash was due to medication. The only medication I was taking was Zoloft (which I loved). I was switched...
Im dealing with social anxiety for a long time please help me to find how I can deal with it?
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