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Hey everyone.. im 18 years old and have been picking my eyelashes out for years. I've never met ANYBODY who has does this.. I feel really...
Hello everyone. I am a young male in his mid 20s facing a bit of a health scare. To begin, I am a fairly healthy individual and I try to ...
Hello, For the past few years I've become increasingly afraid at the thought of my dad dying. He shows no signs of physical ailments a...
Basically, i have a fear of being killed. Here is a little backstory. When i was little, i remembered being at some sort of lounge party ...
Long story short I am a 29 year old male, usually only weekend drinker, for sure not daily, but have gone overboard in the past. I ha...
I've been having headaches for a couple of months now, so I have convinced myself that I have a tumor or something. I finally went to th...
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