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Possibly only the product of an acute illness with fever, Ask Peekawho is a group for people who want answers--not necessarily the RIGHT answer, but it will be an answer. Answers are heavily slanted towards the negative, glass is half empty type of answer, because that's just how Peekawho rolls.
Just curious to learn your opinion of a Doctor of Osteopathy vs a Medical Doctor. I have my thoughts but would like yours! I've done ...
Medhelp just feels dead without Peekawho around.
Swampy walked into his Illinois house and was surprised to find the house deserted, but this was in the dining room. Swampy wants to k...
Just when you finally get use to the way things look......WHAM.....they go and change it again!!! I hate the new Home page!!! Sorry j...
Swampy's mom loves to tell dumb and dangerous things Swampy did as a child. Well, this family is either the most completely dysfunctional...
Jazmine is 17.5 months old and I have been working FT since she was 2 months old. To be honest, I do like going into work and having adu...
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