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So im 30 weeks pregnant, So while i was sleeping. I kept waking up faint and then my right foot felt like it had a weight on it. It was ...
My mother (age: 55+ yrs) is a patient of Hypothyroidism. She had Goiter earlier, for which she had undergone surgery in Jan, 2000, due to...
for about a month now my rights thumb has been very cold all the time it never warms up,, on a part of my thumb where they hand meets i...
Hi I'm 19 year old and I am being treated for anxiety and I'm always stressed out about my health and thinking I have a serious illness a...
Hi, my clothing N bleeding for the last 24hours. Kinda cramping I don't wanna loose my baby can. You help. I'm 7weeks 5days
21 years old. Pregnant with second baby currently 11 weeks. Im currently taking Lovenox shots n my prenatal the passed 2 weeks have had h...
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