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im a mom of two. i just had my son in january. a few weeks ago i was squeezing my left nipple to see if i was still producing milk or if ...
So on april 5th i started my period and it ended on the 11th... a total of 7 days . my periods are very regular they come every 27 days ...
I didn't know where to post this so I'm asking on here. I was 14 when u was first fingered it didn't hurt, I was fingered after that and...
My baby will be very active for a couple days. then for a couple days he rarely moves at all. Today, he has moved some, but not very much...
I have this HORRIBLE pain in my stomach. (Upper left side). It feels like a DEMON is kicking me. I have a child, I know what it feels lik...
Can I take these 2 at the same time. One right before the other? Thanks
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