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Questions in the Ask a Pharmacist Forum are being answered by pharmacists. Topics include: General information on prescription medication, over-the-counter medications, brand drugs, generic equivalents, common uses, drug therapy, drug interactions, possible side effects, travel medications, pill identification and proper disposal of expired, damaged and unusable medications.
A friend of mine is prescribed to Adderall 20mg XR, as am I. After a few weeks she felt as if the drug was not working. She opened one of...
Have you ever heard of conceiveeasy ttc kit? Do you know if its safe to use??
I found out this morning I am pregnant. I've been taking three trams a day/3 times a day for prob 4 yrs. I need help with physical withdr...
Hi. I've just begun researching Chromium as a supplement (blood sugar management and muscle gain/fat loss), and came across informatio...
I have three healthy children and I just found out I was pregnant three weeks ago with a hpt. Today I had my first ultrasound and there w...
I had taken this medicine for my pimples.I don't remember the name of the medicine.It is a small white tablet in which 'wellcome h2b' is ...
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