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Anyone ever hear of an autoimmune condition that causes generalized edema? I'm 45 yr old male and have been dealing with undiagnosed gene...
Initially thought I had a yeast infection — redness, swelling, itching. At home treatment didn’t help (internally) but did soothe my skin...
Hey everyone —hoping someone on here has been through something similar and can weigh in. Embarrassing issue..... Dated a guy - seriou...
Should I worry a feeling I'm getting on my leg feels a bug,hair going across my leg
I had one of those NETA allergy tests done where you hold a vial in your hand and they gauge whether you're allergic to something based o...
I am in the midst of finalizing a diagnosis of Lupus. I often feel like I have a hair on or bugs crawling on my arms and head and now fe...
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