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I had unprotected sex with a girl on Jan 31. It was just for 4 min. On March 21 I had rash near eye, nose and upper side of left palm. ...
I recently received my CCP antibody igg test results and I’m confused about the normal/positive ranges for this test. My results are 6.9 ...
My husband takes Remicade for Crohn's Disease. He has severe mood swings after taking Remicade and then high and lows that resemble Depre...
I have had a shaky feeling on the inside for about 3 months now. It started off as every now and then but for the last month it is all t...
Does anybody know what a biopsy for lupus would show? I had a sun spot biopsied and the GP noted I had a possible autoimmune rash ( I hav...
For the last two and a half months I've been having some transient muscle and joint pains. They're not debilitating but they do hurt and ...
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