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I woke up 15 years ago with lower back pain. It hurts when I move a certain way. I can live with that. I woke up 10 years ago with knee p...
Negative ANA blood test results but having the following symptoms: - Randomly woke up one day last week with excessive swelling under ja...
Hi, I have had feelings of strands of ?? something in my hair or on scalp. Like strands of rope I don't know. I get so tired of never b...
I am in the midst of finalizing a diagnosis of Lupus. I often feel like I have a hair on or bugs crawling on my arms and head and now fe...
Hi, I was diagnosed with Sjogren's last month after 2 years of horror not knowing what was wrong. I have all the usual symptoms of dry pa...
Body reacts to internal objects, lowers immune system
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