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I have Graves disease....taken radioactive iodine 13 years ago
Sorry this may be long, but trying to figure out what is up to seek proper help. So initially I thought I might had contracted an std ...
I got the COVID vaccine and 5 days later developed stiff, weak hands and weakness plus tiredness in forearms/tendons. Doc says could be f...
Is anyone aware of a linkage between isotretonoin (Accutane), used for treating cystic acne, and Sjogren's, which is linked to the epith...
I am in my 60s and have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and have taken Synthroid for nearly 25 years. Would long term use of Synthroid contribut...
I have been dealing with Lhermittes sign for over 2 months now. One day it started with burning and tingling in my feet and legs. Then i ...
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