Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders Suck! Group

Let's face it; living with thyroid disorders (autoimmune or not) can completely suck! And nobody knows this or truly understands it unless they go through it. This group was created for those who experience the numerous trying symptoms that the thyroid/immune system can throw at us, so we can empathize with one another, and/or share a few tips and tricks to cope.
Just found out my thyroid is not working right. Stupidly I have no idea what my numbers are but I've been on synthroid .5 for over a mon...
Can someone please tell me how I can write Dr. Lupo. I ve tried twice and I accidently did on the community forum.
Just a hello...Have hashi/Hypo dx in June..small goiter and nodual that has gone from 11mm down to 8mm so will have another scan in six m...
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