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I have been diagnosed with POTS 2 years now. Recently had a vaccine for Measles Mumps and Rubella in hopes of going to college part time...
Anyone know if dysautonomia and dyslexia are linked? I've tried googling it and have come up with nothing. I'm dyslexic, and have recen...
Hi everyone. I live in Nacogodoches, TX and I am looking for a specialist in Houston. I was raised in Houston and still have famil...
Hello, I'm 24 years old male. I have this illness puzzle that I can't solve for 5 years now. I really hope you can help Since 18 I su...
Does anybody feel that their doctors are dismissive of symptoms? It seems that female doctors listen a little better, but I still feel un...
I live in the San Francisco Bay area. I've been trying to find a doctor for my son who has some experience with Autonomic Dysfunction i...
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