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Hi everyone, I'm a teenage girl who has been experiencing POTS symptoms for almost 3 years, and was just diagnosed this past October. my...
I am having a bunch of tests done and got results of one that stated "mild or early cardiovascular adrenergic impairment". What is this? ...
Hello. I am new to this board. I have been searching for a diagnosis for 4 years and two weeks ago finally got some answers. It seems I h...
Had tilt table test done, just got back results... it states evry other test done with the tilt table test came back Normal. But for the ...
So since I was 13 I have had spells of syncope that mimicked seizures. I finally got a Dr to listen and not blame anxiety. I was sent hom...
Hi, I was wondering if my 17 year old daughter could have "POTS" I record them throughout the day at random times, the ones from lying...
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