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This forum is for discussions relating to Autonomic Dysfunction, or Dysautonomia, including Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).
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I finally have an appt. at an autonomic testing center but I wasted weeks trying to go other places. Maybe my bungles can help others so...
I get winded when I do housework like mopping, try to dance and especially if I worry or stress. I have to calm myself down as I start to...
After over 3 years of dealing with orthostatic hypotension symptoms, I am now looking at possible neuropathic causes. In the past, I fir...
Hello all! I am 14 years old and was diagnosed with POTS almost a year ago, since then I’ve been on many medications and treatments whic...
Hi, I just came back from Cleveland Clinic and I tested positive on the tilt table for POTS, but they also told me that it is sec...
I'm new to the group, and this is my first post. I'm a member of several dysautonomia-related FB pages, and it always seems my 21 year ol...
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