Baby Angels Group

This is group was designed to give support to grieving parents who's infant has become a Baby Angel. May you find comfort within this group and know that you will never have to walk this journey alone! God Bless All of Our Baby Angels!
I lost my baby angel Mariah a week and a half ago.....she was born three months early and only survived less than 2 hours.....I am so los...
Today is a hard day for me. It makes 6 months since God came down to take my angel back into his arms. I had a hard day I've done ev...
I have a very hard pregnancy with my son Ryan. I have never bee able to carry a baby a full 40wks but yet I mange to give brith to 3 heat...
Hi everyone, we lost our little one at 17 weeks. I delivered him in the hospital on Jan 7, 2010. He was just perfect, a beautiful little ...
I never new this group exhisted until I saw RDH's post on another forum. I'm sure some of you here know my story as I've posted about i...
I have her on facebook and often check up on how things are going...Yesterday I found out Jesse was hospitalized due to an infection...Ma...
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