Baby Dust Buddies - TTC and Pregnancy after a Loss Group

Our TTC and Pregnancy after a Loss Group is a Public Group for women to share their conception journeys after a miscarriage. From starting over after a loss; surviving the two week wait; dealing with a BFN; celebrating the coveted BFP and making it through nine months of worry. Baby dust is sprinkled joyfully and liberally all around.
I had a miscarriage Jan. 5, 2013, with my very first pregnancy. I'm 18 and am so hurt and miserable with my loss. I joined this group an...
Hello! I had a miscarriage on 10/31/2012 & I tried using fertility drugs to help me conceive because I know chances was probably going t...
hi i just want to talk to other woman who may be in the same position im in . i have 1 child, hes 8 years old. i have had 8 misscarriages...
hi girls im not knowing how to feel right now ... ive had 4losses in the past all around the 9,10 week stages and my coil came away 3 or ...
In October 2011 I had a miscarriage. My husbands sisters I am pretty sure are happy about it because they don't want us to have children ...
Hi all, I'm new to this group. I figured it would be helpful to communicate with other people that are in the same boat as me. I miscar...
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