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I had right RFA (Radiofrequency Ablation) on the right side 3/6/20 and on 3/27/20 the left side was done. The area done was L4 - S1. Du...
I do have Gastritis (inflamed stomach) verified by Upper Endoscopy and have had it for over a month, but unsure if it is related. I'm on ...
My pain began in the S1/L5 area. Walking too much, standing or sitting for long periods of time would aggravate the pain. The pain woul...
I have had an ongoing back issue with my lower back. 4 years ago had siatica and buldging discs which did a few rounds of steroid type ep...
I am a hairstylist, age 41 and female. I have been doing hair 23 years, but recently purchased the salon I have been working at and my wo...
Has anyone heard of spinal decompression for a cervical herniated disc? Considering that as an option. Wanted to know if anyone had any ...
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