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Hi, I am thirty years old. I have been suffering from chronic pain which seemed to start in my neck. In recent years the pain is moved...
I keep taking ambulance to hospital when my body stops working - ie can't walk, can't move, muscles and bones screaming in pain... namely...
Hi there, So for a couple of weeks now I've been getting sporatic pains in various places in my body (shoulders, back, arms and someti...
Hello! I'm 20 and I think I have scoliosis. I haven't seen a doctor for it yet but I wanted to ask online before I do that. I first notic...
Hello: I am wondering if this is a very serious condition. I have a rice crispy sound popping grinding like noise. This is experienced...
Hello. I have a very important, vital question for me. I have a spasm of the short occipital muscles of the neck (the large posterior r...
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