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Questions in the Back & Neck Pain forum are answered by medical professionals and experts in their field. Topics covered include herniated disc, pinched nerves, sciatica, degenerative spine disease, spinal stenosis, spine trauma and fractures, and pine tumors.
Hi. I recently had an MRI done as suggested by my GP. I was told the results were significant degenerative narrowing between C5, 6 & 7. T...
On the 13 of jan 2009 i was driving my jeep (fork lift) as i put on the breaks the seat let go and i was pushed into the steering wheel, ...
Almost every time I yawn I fell something like a muscle or bone poking on my neck just below my jaw. It pokes and then i have to manually...
I do not know what topic regarding my wife's neck pain and also affecting her arm and figures. Can you suggest what kind of specialist sh...
I am a 38 yo female with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis throughout my whole spine. Last week Monday, I woke up could not get my head o...
My husband had C6-C7 cerivcal fusion last summer (June 2006) and since about January of this year, has been suffering from sever headache...
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