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Forum is Closed for good... finally... read your bible folks, the stuff I told you is no lie but I guess it is hard to believe being there are only closet Christians on this site.. but every now and then you will run into someone like me who cares enough to take the ridicule and persecution, but the games - no, I don't have to deal with that so thats my reason for leaving,,, so someday every single one of you will find out what I told you is true but for many it will be too late.. No one is promised tomorrow. What if you don't wake up tomorrow, do you know where you will spend eternity? Are you sure? I'm sure and you can be too. Think of the things I told you and continue to seek God. Time is VERY short.
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The bibles have a literary value as well as passages of beautifully written poetry that for better and worse have impacted on our society...
I've always wondered why God decided to create evil at all. Does the bible discuss anywhere? As the creator of all things, I've always ...
I recall this group was taken care of by "myown" I can see April in the group a member then. can any body tell who is the new moderator ?
What does the bible say about self righteous people?
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